video campaign sample 1

Video 1 | Home Page Video

Because the remaining videos in the series all had narratives, and because the company had a wide variety of product types, it was decided to produce a home page video driven only by music, relevant video content and graphic subtitles. This way we were able to pack a lot into a short video

video campaign sample 2

Video 2 | MD interview-driven | Sample 1

While cotton bag production is not longer the big income producer, the company did start off more than a hundred years ago producing cotton bags. Though India and China produce them cheaper, the company still holds a position as a UK made cotton bag maker with a fast turn-around time for orders of any size.

video campaign sample 3

Video 3 | MD interview-driven | Sample 2

Notice that with the 'interview-driven' style, the MD comes across as very relaxed and personable. One of the great values of video content is the ability to put a friendly face on a company. This goes a long way toward winning customers over competition who have a 'faceless' website.

video campaign sample 4

Video 4 | MD interview-driven | Sample 3

Again, a very personal and friendly talk about, in this case, their biggest seller. And "yes", he says, "you can get them cheaper in China", but when you've listened to this short video you'll almost certainly want to order from this company.

video campaign sample 5

Video 5 | Demo Video | Sample 1

This demo simply shows a range of different sample bags that can be produced while explaining that any bag can be produced for your specific needs using CAD design. These 'demo' videos were done specifically to be short and to the point.

video campaign sample 6

Video 6 | Demo Video | Sample 2

This is the shorter 'demo video' version covering the same topic of audio/visual bags and covers that was covered by the MD in greater detail in the 'interview-driven' version.

Now, in addition to the home page video, there are two other videos that can come up in an internet search for this type of product, a short one and a longer, more detailed one.

11 Videos Produced from a Single Shoot

Contrary to what you might think, 11 videos do not cost 11X what one video costs to produce.

Video Cost Effectiveness increases exponentially when you plan for multiple videos for different purposes during a single video shoot.

The videos above represent 6 samples of the three different types that were produced out of a total of 11 videos for a UK company.

In this case the MD ideally wanted three different types of videos for different uses on his web site, social media and email marketing.

a) An ‘overall’ Home Page (or About Us) video which quickly sums up the company’s services

b) Several narrative-driven videos on his best selling products where he talks about the product

c) Several short videos demonstrating the best selling products

In all, 8 videos were planned. In the end, 11 were produced from the material obtained on a two-day shoot.

Cost Effectiveness of Planning Multiple Videos

Typically a video, as in ‘a’ above, is a one day shoot and one day edit.

Two videos like that would typically cost twice as much (two days shooting, two days editing).

However, on this project, with a little planning, several short scripts were produced to act as a guide for producing the ‘demonstration’ videos using the footage that would be obtained at the plant for the ‘overall video’ anyway.

All the other narrative material was obtained from a single 40 minute interview.

Shooting was planned to cover everything in the plant that would be required for the different videos. As the 3 different types of videos could come up individually in any number of internet searches, it didn’t matter that certain video shots would be duplicated across multiple videos.

Many of the edits were based on a repeating template–meaning, once one edit of one style was produced, the related videos in that series used the same beginning and end titles, and (in this case) the same endings. All that was needed was to change out the narrative and shots with those for the new subject.

If all this sounds complicated, let’s put it this way: It is far more efficient and cost effective to produce multiple video edits from a single shoot (be it a one, two or three day shoot) than it is to keep coming back to produce additional videos.

In this end, this project cost the company about as much as it would have cost to produce two different videos at different times. That’s 11 for the price of 2. Admittedly, this was a bargain–but that’s another advantage of ‘thinking big’ at the outset and hiring the Video Whisperer.

It won’t always work out with that exact mathematics, but it will always work out to be far more cost effective to plan a video campaign using multiple videos for different purposes at the outset.