Video Campaigns Harness the Power of the Internet

Video campaigns involve the use of multiple videos for marketing a company, product or service.

Sample video campaigns in this section include Packaging Company Video Campaign and a UK Producer of Protective Cases and Covers.

A video campaign might include several different types of video, each for a different purpose or designed to reach a particular audience. A video campaign might include any or all of the following types of videos:

  • Company branding video
  • Product or Service video featuring a specific product or service
  • Demonstration video showing how the product is used, what its advantages are, etc.
  • Demonstration video showing how a service is delivered, what its advantages are, etc.
  • Customer testimonial montage
  • Client testimonial on site where the product or service is used
  • Graphics-driven video with no narrative for use at trade shows, website, social media
  • Music video (montage of the product or service in all its aspects put to music with no narrative)
  • Commercial for product or service for use on internet or television

Cost Effectiveness

On thing to consider when commissioning any video production is that multiple properties can be obtained from the same footage. This can give you the material for a full-blown video campaign.

If planned correctly, a shoot day (one of the costs of  video production) can be designed to include footage for multiple edits.

Often, the additional edits using the material obtained from a smartly planned shoot, take less time than if the additional videos were scheduled at a later date. Thus shoot days and edit days are reduced for more output.

The packaging company case study  and the producer of protective cases and covers in this section are examples of multiple properties planned at the outset resulting in significantly lower costs for the client.