Video SEO

Video SEO must be addressed so that your videos come up in organic search results. Recently I was asked by a local council program director to do a talk to several business groups over a few days on the subject of YouTube. Business people wanted to know how best to utilise video for their websites and how video content improves the SEO of their own websites. All of this, of course, has to do with video being an effective tool that results in greater traffic and sales. I gave them a talk about the basics of video SEO as it related to YouTube and other video platforms. I was in a pretty good position to give this talk as I had just had a pretty big success on the subject of video and site ranking. I used this real life example to illustrate all the salient points of what it takes to maximise video SEO and ranking for websites and blogs. A video of the talk was requested, but rather than try to video a live event, I put together a succinct video covering what I did in the talk. It’s 35 minutes long, but well worth watching. I haven’t seen it covered this simply in one place before.

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