Using a Promotional Video Loop In Your Reception Waiting Lounge


promotional video loops

These days Smart TVs have the capability of looping any video from a USB stick.

One of the Video Whisperer’s corporate clients has a series of promotional videos produced by the Video Whisperer playing on a TV in reception in a continuous loop.

Smaller businesses with waiting rooms can use a looping video to great advantage. Examples are: Beauty Salons, Naturopathic clinics, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, etc.

The sample following is a multi-modality naturopathic and beauty clinic that offers chiropractic, massage of different types, acupuncture, reflexology, aroma therapy, hypnotism and various types of beauty treatment. Quite a few services under one roof.  Most of their clients, however, typically come for one service, and while they may know more are available, they probably don’t really know all that is available or what the different services are. So a video was produced to showcase all the different services available to those who are waiting for their appointment in the comfortable reception lounge. The promotional video loops all day long. There is no distracting narrative.


Video, The Tireless Salesman

Outside the initial investment–probably less than a salesman’s weekly pay check, video works tirelessly all day long, week after week, month after month to inform your waiting public on your products or services or any information you’d like them to know.

Such videos are not restricted to your waiting rooms either.

The same video can be added to your website, your YouTube channel, your blog, etc., can be shared on social networks and can appear at the bottom of your email–or indeed, used in email campaigns. These versions can either play with music as in the example above, or a narrative track and/or graphic subtitles can be added to the web version.

Trade Shows

Promotional Video loops are also perfect for events and trade shows.

The following sample utilises only music and graphics to show the distinct advantages of its innovative product with the heretofore unchallenged industry standard. It’s on their website, YouTube, Vimeo, is used as a sales tool and has been shown at sales events and trade shows.

This video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers – 0116 278 7788) in association with the Video Whisperer


The following sample was designed to be used in a primary school assembly before a presentation by a local Cricket charity. But the same video can be used as part of a fundraising campaign by this charity.


Cost Effectiveness

Because promotional videos designed for continuous looping do not involve interviews, much less editing time is involved. As you can see, they are essentially a montage of shots edited to music and can generally be produced in two days inclusive of shooting the material and editing it into a finished video.

Furthermore, if a company is having an interview or narrative driven video produced, it is then an easy matter to produce a second ‘looping’ type video for use in reception or at events, trade shows, etc., as the material has already been shot. As mentioned, the editing of such a promotional loop video is far simpler and faster than any other type of corporate or sales video.