Belvoir Shoot

Promoting A World Class Shoot

There are many factors that go into making a video that people will want to watch all the way through--even if it wasn't what they were looking for when they started watching it in the first place. Music, editing and content all play a role.

But when placed to be seen by the intended public--if done right-- it can be downright irresistible. More importantly, as one marketing man who saw this said, "If they don't want to immediately go to this shoot after watching this, they might as well stay home".

Universal Door

Product Videos

Product videos can come in many forms including the familiar "TV commercial" type.

This sample demonstrates the features of an innovative dairy cabinet door. If you are in the food retail industry, you will certainly appreciate the user friendly and maintenance friendly aspects of this product.

If your product or service is new and relatively unknown, such a video is vital.

This video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers - 0116 278 7788) in association with the Video Whisperer

Hybrid Liner Assembly

Product Demonstration

In this video, demonstrating the assembly and use of this product which is relatively new in a market dominated by barrels, not only gets across more than what the video is showing. We can see that it's cardboard and therefore light, and we can see that it can hold 1000 litres of water; something we wouldn't normally expect from a cardboard box.

This was one of a series of videos which covered all aspects and benefits of the Hybrid container for multiple markets.

This video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers - 0116 278 7788) in association with the Video Whisperer

Smoking Medallions


Commercials aren't just for television. Using the internet and social media, video ads (commercials) can be disseminated far and wide to promote a new product at absolutely no additional cost

"On the Rails"


This is an example of a re-edit of some of the material done for a longer corporate video as part of the overall project.

Little promos like this can be send out in an email campaign and shared on social networking sites to give greater exposure to a company or product and are not a great additional cost since the footage was obtained for the main video commission.

This video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers - 0116 278 7788) in association with the Video Whisperer

The benefits of product video production

When visiting a website, what would you rather see? A static image, or a video that demonstates the product’s uses and form? A product video brings your products to life.

  • A massive increase in conversion rates, with a greater proportion of potential customers buying your product.
  • ROI – Return On Investment. A product video production needn’t cost the earth, and is the equivalent of a living salesman always on hand to explain your products.
  • Provide a dynamic and interactive experience for your customers.
  • Highlight key product advantages.
  • Compliments and benefits your SEO strategy.
  • Remember, people share videos they like to others

Staying one step ahead of the competition

Website based commerce is now an extremely competitive game. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to give yourself an edge. Take a look at your business competitors and ask yourself what differentiates your business from theirs. The internet is saturated with companies that sell the same products. Quality product videos make the difference.

All video promotion created by the Video Whisperer is of a bespoke nature. I do not use ‘off the peg’ techniques in post production and always strive to produce videos that are creative and individually tailored to your needs.