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Industrial Videos

The Video Whisperer specialises in industrial videos with a difference–and the difference is a simple one.

Typically industrial videos are a combination of sleek footage edited to a scripted narration done by a professional voice-over artist. While there is nothing particularly wrong with that approach, it does have one weakness: The viewer immediately recognises that the narrator is reading a carefully worded script and that he or she is not personally invested in the company. In other words, we know the narrator is saying all the things the company wants us to hear in language that could just as well be written marketing text. It rings a little hollow. It tends to lack sincerity. Real people don’t talk like that.

Real People Sell With Passion

My approach is to interview your own key staff about the company or the areas of the company that the video is about.

Your own staff from the Managing Director on down, are the ones who know the company’s merits and values. They are the ones who inter-act with your customers.

Almost any manager loves his job. If he or she didn’t, we wouldn’t interview him! And so it goes on down to the lowest employee: If they love their job it’s quite easy to produce a narrative that is better than anything the marketing department could dream up. The sincerity and passion shines through. The viewer (potential customer) knows that he’s now hearing from people who know what they’re talking about, so he’s much more likely to listen. To be honest, narratives which are scripted and read by professionals tend to be received by viewers as ‘blah, blah, blah’ while they look at the pictures until they lose interest.

Conversely, when it is apparent that this is a real person, warts and all, and the pictures are re-enforcing what is being said (and the content is relevant to what the viewer was searching for), it will tend to hold their interest throughout the video.

Industrial Videos

The Industrial Video Process

As you will see in the sample videos, the interview approach for industrial videos can be done with a single interview or with multiple interviews from different staff and even customers or clients to create a seamless and effective narrative.

Each interview may be as long as 20-30 minutes for each single person or each of multiple people interviewed. Typically we’ll wind up with more than an hour of interviews, but the resulting video will still be around 3 minutes in length. The magic comes in the editing process which is where the narrative is created in such as way as to best get across the marketing message.

It is rare that anyone interviewed in any company has ever had any professional acting or presenting experience. That tends to be more of a benefit than not. Sure, people make mistakes, they stumble and sometimes veer off track. None of that matters. Nothing bad will ever be used in the final product. Even ‘ums’ and ‘ahhs’ can be deleted in the editing process so that the final narrative comes off professional with the difference that it will also come off as sincere.