Teaser Video

This is a teaser video created to promote a 9 part series by the client who is a consultant.

The Video Whisperer has now produced about 20 videos for this client.

What's more, this client never even asks for a quote because, 1) they have directly increased his income significantly, and 2) he knows that The Video Whisperer will go the extra mile while never taking advantage of him.

Videos for Home and Small Business

This is an interview-driven video approach. There is no script. You don't have to remember anything. We just sit down for a relaxed interview and the Video Whisperer then derives the 'script' from the interview content.

This video, for example, was created from about 35 minutes of interview material into a short, informative video about a very unique business of interest to the very broad consumer group of 'parents'.

Priority First Aid

Videos for Home and Small Business

To compete in today's world of internet shopping no business should be without video content.

Video on your site is one thing for the people that happen to land there. The bigger purpose is to bring them to your site in the first place.

Good video, properly uploaded for search engine optimisation, will come up in organic searches relevant to your business or service, and that creates another portal to your website.

Shooting Star Parties

Home Business?

If you're passionate about your business, it doesn't matter if you never appeared in front of a camera before. The Video Whisperer takes all the stress out of it with a nice conversational chat about your business and from that will create the narrative that will be your video.

Add to that some photos or relevant live shots of your activities, products or services, add music and titles and it's done. Simple as that.

It won't break the bank either. Besides, the idea is to bring even more customers through your door.

Simmonds Music

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

But how about hundreds of pictures in a couple of minutes?

This is the third video commissioned by Simmonds Music. After the massive expansion of the business from a small shop to a 3 storey superstore, it was decided to drop the narrative and just give people the impression that Simmonds Music is now indeed, a Music Superstore!

Smoking Medallions

Tell Your Story

Sometimes a great product or service has a story that deserves to be told and in the process, the viewer gets sold on the product or service and the business itself.

Never underestimate the power of real, sincere communication from the heart. People recognise it for what it is and listen, just as much as they'll tend to recognise and reject scripted hype.

My Solar

Have Your Customers Tell The Story

This simple video starts with a presenter who explains the benefits and ends with several very satisfied customers who confirm what the presenter said.

That's a very effective one-two punch, and all in under two minutes.

Videos for Small Businesses

Video for any business, including small businesses places a friendly face on your business and personalises the customer experience, with a bespoke production that sells your services.

Small Business Video | Professional Web Video for Small Business

The spiralling costs of print advertising makes small business video production a cost effective, open and inviting way to explain your business and products to potential customers. A web based small business video can captivate the audience and place a friendly face on the services you sell.

Personalising your business with small business video

Running a website for your small business can, in some respects, depersonalise the experience. It’s very difficult to stand out effectively, and in this day and age it’s a virtual guarantee that your competitors own a website too. A long, wordy web page can alienate potential customers. Website visitors have a short attention span, and they can (and will!) go elsewhere.

A small business video adds the personal touch. Demonstrate your services and premises in a neatly succinct video that leaves customers with the impression that they ‘know’ you and your business on a personal level. It’s a great way to connect! Wouldn’t you rather visit the shop whose site has already introduced the staff and showed you round a bit?

Small business video gives you the opportunity to put forward what was originally lost with the internet: a friendly, smiling face. You. Now we’re coming full circle back to what made small businesses successful!

Promoting your business the natural way!

Where possible, I always recommend that the people involved in the video production are those who have a personal connection to the business. It allows a natural, passionate flow to the small business video that has the greatest impact on the audience. However, I also acknowledge that not everyone wants to step in front of the camera, and in these situations,  a professional presenter can be arranged.