Interview Driven

A good example of an interview driven promotional video. From the original interview and 2 day shoot a total of 11 videos of varying styles were produced for this company covering a diverse range of products including several demonstration videos with narrative overlay, several interview style videos (as in this example) and one overall summary video with no narrative but driven by graphics and music


Differentiating Your Business

Medium-sized and small businesses are the economic backbone of any modern society. Differentiating your business from the competition is the primary role of marketing and the primary tool for getting yourself known today is the internet. But how does your website get discovered by your potential customers?

Video content plays a huge role in ranking websites these days. By 2018 it is expected that 84% of internet commerce will be driven by video.


Why Choose Redstones?

This is an example of an interview-driven video, in this case by the two key players in a new and growing Lettings Franchise Business.

This days people generally tune out presentations that are obviously scripted and delivered by trained actors who have nothing to do with the company. I think we'd all much prefer to see and hear from the real people speaking from the heart.

Logging in the 21st Century

The Public Relations Role

This is Part 3 of a 4 part documentary produced for a small helicopter logging company in Montana U.S.A. where local politics was hurting both the logging industry and the environment.

In this case a video was produced to help educate the public at town meetings, political rallies and through social media.

Good public relations videos in documentary form are a very effective way to promote a business brand.

Manor Concepts

"How To" Videos

When people want to know how to do something these days they'll generally look for a tutorial video. There practically isn't any procedure out there that isn't covered by multiple video tutorials.

Manor Concepts had a series of videos produced, two of which were about product specific maintenance procedures like this one.

It so happens that this short video can also be a sales tool in that it shows how easy it is to maintain.

This video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers - 0116 278 7788) in association with the Video Whisperer

VBC Premier Blinds

Welcome To Our Shop

When you walk into a High Street shop, there will be someone there to welcome you with a friendly smile and to help you find what you're looking for.

Videos like this one are the internet equivalent to that smiling face in the shop. It's reassuring to see the real people and the shop you're considering purchasing from in the virtual world of the internet.

Compare it to a site that just contains text and pictures. Wouldn't you watch a short video if one was there? Most people do.

Belvior Testimonials


Testimonials from end users pack a lot of punch for internet searchers.

Whether or not there are live testimonials available for the product or service people are looking for, there is almost always some form of "review" or "feedback" and other indications from end-users as to the quality and value of the product or service.

Service businesses are ideally suited for real customer or client testimonial videos. If your product or service is truly worthy of praise, you'll find that your happy customers and clients are your best ambassadors.

Business Videos for a Medium-sized Business

The sample business videos on this page are real examples of videos done for medium-sized businesses with a staff of half a dozen to 20 or so.

In truth, any of the types of business videos on this site in any category are equally applicable to any size of business. The main difference with business videos will be the scope of the video and the budget and that varies with the size of the business.

Larger businesses with larger scope (facilities, staff, range of products and services, etc.) might require considerable more time to produce, but the methodology for producing a corporate or business video is the same for smaller businesses which can generally be produced in less time and cost.

 What Type of Business Video?

Business videos can be done in a large range of type, style and range from simple to complex.

Talking Head is the simplest where you talk directly to the camera. Not everyone is comfortable with this, but if you are a natural born talker a talking head video would be the simplest and most cost effective type of video.

Interview driven videos are edited from the best parts of a sit-down informal talk on your business. The talk may be 20 or 30 minutes, but in the end, the video will be perhaps 3 minutes long.

Because of the edits in the interview necessary to create the video, it is necessary to cover them with relevant shots of what you are talking about. This requires shooting those shots in addition to the interview. The result is a seamless narrative which is illustrated by the things you are talking about. Interview driven videos are the most common of the business videos.

There can be videos that simply describe a specific product or service.

There can be videos that show how things work or how they are assembled.

Business videos include the common ‘commercial’ in any number of creative styles.

In short, business videos can be anything that promotes your brand, your business, your products or services.