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The videos on this page were produced by the Video Whisperer to help you make an informed decision by taking some of the mystery out of the process of commissioning a video for your business website.

Click the thumbnails below to find videos covering "Small Business Videos", "Corporate Video Production" and "Product Videos".

Small Business Videos

Small and Medium-sized Business Videos

In truth, there is no real difference in the production of a video for any size of company. The differences lie in the size and scope of the company, it's staff, facilities and products or services. Larger businesses may involve a bit more time in their production and therefore will tend to cost a bit more.

This video gives you an idea of what is involved in the production of a video for a small to medium-sized business. But if you like the look or approach to a video you see in the Corporate Video section, that can be done for you too.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Production

This video describes the process of producing the most common type of interview-driven corporate video with the possible difference that it doesn't consume much of your time. The Video Whisperer approach is highly effective and efficient. This video will show you why

Of course there are many other types of corporate video as you will see in the samples on the Corporate Video page

Product Videos

Product Videos

There are, of course, many different types of business videos. Many on this site are driven by interview narrative and even scripts and these will tend to be the meaty ones on your site

This video gives you an idea of other types of videos that may be more fitting to your current needs, such as ad videos (commercials), product videos, how to (demonstrative) videos, technical videos, etc.

Video SEO

Video SEO

This is a 35 minute video, but well worth watching because it explains exactly how and why video content is a key part of your website's SEO.

Not all videos that get uploaded get results even if they're good.

It's one thing to have a video. It's quite another to know what to do with it to maximise the potential benefits for your business and your website's SEO.


Videos for Business | The Video Whisperer

The series of videos on this page are meant to give you a better understanding of what is involved with the production of the various types of business videos for any size of business.

Large video production companies will have staffs dedicated to various aspects such as scriptwriting, story boarding (sketching out the video concepts), production, editing, graphics, etc., and with all that goes costs. For some this is a comfort and cost is not a great concern.

But for many, the whole idea is daunting and the fear of great expense dampens interest.

The Video Whisperer does not carry overhead or a staff to pay. But more importantly, with decades of experience in the fields of film and video production, the Video Whisperer has the experience and expertise to take care of all aspects of production taking the load off your plate with a simple and effective approach to videos for business, no matter how small or large.

About | The Video Whisperer

The Video Whisperer

Joe Caneen, the Video Whisperer

Specialising in producing videos for business, videographer Joe Caneen has a long history in standard cinematographic composition, lighting and editing.

Our emphasis is on standard application of classic cinematography technology. The objective is to produce memorable videos that carry the client’s intended message to the intended result with emotional impact. By classic is meant tried and true, timeless techniques.

The problem with the overuse of modern electronic gimmicks prevalent in so many modern videos is that they won’t always stand the test of time. There will always be new gimmicks making the old ones passé. But time-tested classic techniques are classic because they have stood the test of time.

While modern technology can be expertly used to forward the message of any art form, you’ll know it is art when it does not call attention to itself “as a technique”. Rather, you will find yourself immersed in the emotion and message of the piece. When you find yourself distracted by bizarre senseless camera angles, tilts and zooms, you’re looking at a cameraman or director saying “look at me”. And that is not art. It is also dated (not timeless or classic) and so passes quickly onto the rubbish heap of history.

Videographer / cameraman / director Joe Caneen is categoric about his video philosophy: My style is resolutely ‘back to basics’ with the aim of getting across the intended message with emotional impact. If the technique involved immerses the audience in the intended story line or message; if it sells the prospective user or customer, then it’s a good technique. As soon as technique calls attention to itself the message is weakened.

The Video Whisperer doesn’t offer ‘packages’.

These popular “Platinum, Gold, Silver and Platinum” packages are too often a list of limitations. Who wouldn’t really want the “Platinum” package, but for financial necessities may be forced to buy the Bronze? Who ever strives for a Bronze when Gold is in the offing? My approach is to find out what is really needed and wanted and to provide more than was ever expected within the available budget.

When it comes to videos for business, we produce them with the sole intent for you to have a great result. To that end, you’ll find the Video Whisperer  easy to work with and great value for money.

The Video Whisperer is based in the UK’s East Midlands and produces video content for businesses throughout the UK including Grantham, Nottingham, Leicester, Newark, Peterborough, Lincoln, Stamford, Birmingham Manchester, London, Scotland and Wales.